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5 Cheapest Places to Visit in Finland as a Foreigner

Finland, officially the Republic of Finland, is a Nordic nation in Northern Europe, home to 5.6 million people and a land area of 338,145 square kilometers. The country’s history spans from the Stone Age to the Bronze and Iron Ages, with diverse pottery styles and contact with different cultures. After joining the Swedish Empire in the 13th century, Finland became an independent nation under Russian Empire control in 1809.

Finland became the first in Europe to offer universal suffrage in 1906 and proclaimed its complete independence in 1917. Despite the Finnish Civil War and World War II, Finland remained primarily an agricultural nation until the 1950s. It joined the Eurozone in 1999, the European Union in 1995, and NATO in 2023.

Finland ranks among the top three most expensive travel destinations in the EU, with only Denmark and Norway surpassing Sweden.

However, there are opportunities for budget-conscious tourists and immigrants to find affordable locations. The country offers a variety of experiences, from lakeside cities to tech-focused villages, offering a decent blend of budget-friendly options.


Oulu, is a budget-friendly city with affordable rents and commodity prices compared to southern cities in the icy Gulf of Bothnia, it is known for its quirkiness, vivaciousness, and innovation.

Despite the Arctic Circle’s proximity and extreme temperatures, the town has established itself as a pioneer in urban solar energy and is a great IT center, with the entire city participating in academic research.

Oulu, Finland,  It offers numerous attractions such as riverside parks, Nallikari beaches, and the Oulu Museum of Art, which offers thought-provoking local installation and photography works for just €7 ($7.60). Visitors can enjoy a range of activities without breaking the bank.

Oulu offers affordable housing options in city center or by a lake, with styles ranging from modern architecture to older, idyllic suburbs.

New districts have been built within easy connections, offering advantages compared to other big cities. Oulu is a good environment for children, a safe place to live, and a pleasant community, combining the benefits of a big city with the benefits of a small community.

Oulu has an average cost of living of $1459, placing it in the top 38% of the world’s most expensive cities. It is placed 15th out of 49 in Finland and 3564th out of 9294 in our global list.

The average salary after taxes is $2747, which is sufficient to pay for 1.9 months’ worth of living expenditures. ranked 13th best city in Finland and 346th (TOP 4%) among the world’s greatest places to live. Finland’s fifth-largest city is Oulu, with an estimated 201K residents.


Tampere, the largest inland town in Scandinavia, is home to 250,000 people and is home to around 20,000 students. Located 100 miles north of Helsinki, it’s surrounded by picturesque Pirkanmaa region.

Tampere’s average cost of living is $1518, placing it in the top 36% of the world’s most expensive cities. It is placed 7th out of 49 in Finland and 3337th out of 9294 in our global list.

A person can live comfortably on $2761 (the median after-tax earnings) for 1.8 months. ranked 11th best city in Finland and 320th (TOP 3%) among the world’s best places to live.  With 225K people living there, Tampere is the third-biggest city in Finland.

Tampere, a city with a rich history dating back to 1,300 years, has become a hub for innovation and working-class people since the Industrial Revolution.

Its vibrant city offers budget-friendly activities such as visiting the Rauhaniemi bathhouses for €9 ($10), sightseeing in the old industrial quarter, and biking for €10 for the whole day.

The town is also a hub for innovation and working-class people, making it an ideal destination for those looking to explore the city’s lakesides, urban parks, and university district.


Jyvaskyla, located in southern Finland, is a budget-friendly Nordic adventure spot with a population of 144,000.

The city is known for its proximity to nature, with a designated reserve along the Tourujoki River and a walking strip of Asemakatu filled with shops, bars, and art galleries.

The town offers beaches like Vuorilampi and Tuomiojarvi, swimming all year round, and a secluded jetty beach at Ritoniemen.

Some lake beaches offer saunas, making it an ideal spot for both days and evenings without spending a lot.


Seinajoki, a small Finnish town, offers an estimated monthly outgoings of under $1,200 per person, less than Helsinki’s average cost of living of over $1,700.

Located between the central Finnish lake district and the Gulf of Bothnia coast, Seinajoki is a bustling provincial hub with attractions like the Civil Guard and Lotta Svard museums, parks, a shopping hub, and numerous summer festivals, including a tango dancing festival.

It serves as a convenient stopover before visiting the Northern Lights.


Helsinki is a budget-friendly destination in Finland, offering affordable accommodation options such as backpacker hostels and affordable stays like Cheap Sleep.

These hostels offer boho lounges and pod beds, with prices ranging from $20 to $70 per night. Helsinki also offers free activities such as open-air baths in summer, ferries to the Helsinki Archipelago, and free visits to the Kamppi Chapel of Silence and the National Library of Finland.

Despite higher property and living costs, Helsinki offers a comfortable and affordable getaway for those looking for a budget-friendly getaway.



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